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What are the MUST HAVEs to create a powerful Personal Brand?

personal brand Mar 28, 2023

As an advocate for, a lover of and the person who jumps on to her work desk fist pumping every time I see someone living their authentic personal brand, I know that there is a formula to creating and embodying your PB.

Going way beyond a curated social feed, manicured appearance and polished lifestyle choices, your personal brand is born of who you are at your core. It can be elusive, dynamic, fluid and somewhat daunting but your personal brand is a critical essential for those that are serious about living with purpose and achieving your goals. 

Source: - Jenna Kucher's personal brand is authentic and celebrates her successes and her failures

Let’s explore the key ‘Must Haves’ that help contribute to building a powerful personal brand, one that you can be proud to champion.

🧬 Clarity of Purpose: Your personal brand must have a clear purpose or mission statement that aligns with your values and passions. This will help you to communicate your unique value proposition and differentiate yourself from others.

 🧬 Consistency: Consistency is crucial in building a strong personal brand. Your brand message, tone, and style should be consistent across all communications; from social media, website, email, to in person interactions.

 🧬 Authenticity: Your personal brand should reflect your true self. Be authentic in the way you present yourself and your brand. Don't try to be someone you're not, or present a false image. - Sophie Monk has built a career on a personal brand that is raw and loveable. 

 🧬 Professionalism: Maintain a high level of professionalism in all aspects of your personal brand. This includes your appearance online and in person.

 🧬 Focus on your target audience: Identify your target audience and tailor your personal brand messaging to appeal to them. This will help you to build a strong and engaged community around your brand. Targets can be social groups, industries, customers, business or any domain you wish to inhibit.

🧬 Value Proposition: Your personal brand must offer value to your target audience. Identify what makes you unique and how you can solve their problems. This will help you to stand out and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and in your community.

Source: - Launched via reality TV Julie Goodwins homely brand remain personal and authentic.

Finally if you are developing a personal brand to further your career you will need;

 🧬 A Strong Online Presence: Your online presence is critical in building a personal brand. Invest in creating a professional website, develop a strong social media presence, and consistently engage with your audience through content and conversation.

It’s not something that happens overnight but by focusing on these must-haves, you can create a brand that is authentic, consistent, and valuable to your target audience and something that truly fulfills, giving you that spark in your every day.

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