An Intuitive Life Coach. 

And here's my story...warts and all!
Ever had one of those moments where you feel totally out of control to how you respond to a question. Where you think to yourself, what did I say that for?
For me, it happened a few years ago when I was asked to MC a Gala Event on stage in a theater full of nearly 400 people, with only 24 hours notice.
I had never done anything like it before. I'd worked many years in the media but was always behind the scenes. Look at my social media at the time, I rarely posted photos of myself and even more rarely talked about my personal life online.
However my 'gut' had me say yes that day. Why? When had wonderful career in radio, winning national recognition for my contribution in the brand and promotions space, was a respected leader, had fabulous opportunities and was highly paid. Tick, tick, tick, yes?! Despite my successes something deep within felt that I was stuck and had more to give. Following the whispers and my intuition I began to follow Oprah, Tony Robbins and Brene Brown; all whom had a soul mission that they were drawne to. 
Here I was, a middle aged woman with absolutely no idea what my true purpose was. So my intuition said yes to MC that event, and to the next opportunity and the one after that. A journey which has been my experiment to define my purpose, my personal brand and learn how to listen to the notes from within. 
Since then I have reinvented my career, am the CEO of my own business, and work with people who also feel lost or searching for something more, teaching them my how to use their intuition,  become 'Unstuck and On Purpose', go from 'Curveball to Crushing It' and live a resilient, abundant and aligned life!

2005 - Start my career in radio at Star 104.5 (and fall in love with it immediately!)

2009 - Give birth to my son

2010 - Marry my man, Cameron

2011 - A baby girl joins our family

2012 - Awarded Best Brand and Promotions Director at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards


2013 - Win again

2014 - Fuel my love of Christmas founding the launch of Central Coast Carols

2016 - Win again

 2017 - Win again (ok, now its getting embarrassing!)

2018 - Rabbit & Julie win Best On Air Team (as part of that team I'm proud as punch!)



2019 - Named Nova Entertainments Market Of The Year

2019 - Launch a product line of Dot Page Journals and signature Time Management System

2021 - Graduate from the Manifestation Babe Academy 

2021 - Certified as a Neuro Linguistics Programming Life Coach 

2022 - Train as a Human Synergistics Culture Coach

2022 - Launch my business!


It has been my absolute privilege to work with so many radio legends and performance masters over the years. As the person responsible their radio brands, their appearance brands and PR I saw first hand the power of remaining real and relatable through authentic personal branding. 

To name a few...Julie Goodwin, Rabbit, Gina Jeffries, Meshel Laurie, Todd Widdicomb, Smallzy, Vic Davies, Ugly Phil, Kim Csozneck, Rod Cuddihy, Alex Flack, Craig Evans, Sarah Forster. Some of the other artists include Shannon Noll, Sam Moran, Nikki Webster, Jay Laga'aia, Wendy Matthews, Sharn Coombes, Jo Hurley, Kyal and Kara, Rose Tattoo, Christina Anu...there was even Santa Claus!

And so many others!













Fave time of year...

I love, love, love Christmas! One year I kept our tree up and redecorated it for Valentines Day, Halloween etc

What on...

Reality TV is my jam!  The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Block, any TV with real stakes fuels my fire!


Fills my cup...

Filtered water, sparking waters, tea, coffee, and wine = all the liquids I need.


Must haves...

If I was stranded on an island I would need these to get by...Audible, an endless cheese platter and my family. 


In my ears...

Podcasts I love:

  • Make Shift Happen - Samantha Daily
  • Angels and Awakening - Julie Jancius
  • Conversations ABC
  • Manifestation Babe with Kathrin Zenkina
  • Oprahs Super Soul
  • Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
  • Dear Gabby Podcast
On my plate...

As a pescatarian I love a green bowl, with Salmon or King Fish some pickled ginger and maybe rice or rice noodles. My diet is much inspired by Asian flavours. My bod is also not a fan of gluten and I limit dairy to cheese  platters with friends or on deserted islands!


Best advice I ever received was...

You do not have to prove yourself. You are perfect the way you are. 














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